Queen’s Message

2019-2020 WSCA Queen Alyssa Tjosaas

May 2020 Queen’s Message 

2019-2020 WSCA Queen Alyssa Tjosaas!

Hello Everyone!

Well I can say for almost everyone that these past few months have been a major whirlwind. This pandemic has really taken a toll on so many of us and our plans to show our horses. I hope that everyone that has been quarantining themselves got extra time with your fuzzy ponies. Unfortunately, with this virus our court events were canceled. The court and I were looking forward to seeing everyone at the MN Horse Expo and to have our royalty clinic. Hopefully this will all be over soon, and we can resume our daily and weekend activities.

I’d like to take this time to tell you more about myself. As many of you know I live in Barnesville, MN and work in Fargo, ND. I work as a licensed practical nurse at the Fargo Center for Dermatology. Aside from horses, skin care is a major passion of mine. I grew up in Belgrade, MN on a farm with my parents and twin sister. Our horse passion started with our local saddle club which brought us to numerous trail rides around the state. Eventually, we joined our local 4-H horse project and started showing in WSCA shows. For most of my youth, my weekends were spent going to WSCA shows with my mom and sister, 4-H horse lessons in Willmar on Monday nights, and usually weekly or bi-weekly individual lessons. My mom was and still is one of my biggest fans and helped me grow my passion for horses. I’m so grateful to have had her support through all these years. My later high school years and college years were unfortunately spent horse-less. I reconnected with horses and showing after meeting my husband, Josh Tjosaas. We connected over our mutual interest in horses the rest is history.

My husband and I currently share our AQHA bay mare, shelovesarainynight, or as I call her Miss Keisha. She’s 6 years old this year and has been a wonderful show horse for the both of us. We currently show in her WSCA events, Quarter horse shows, and Pinto horse shows. She currently lives in Princeton, MN at our trainer’s house, Mallory Storm. She lives with her half-brother and her horse boyfriend, Snooze. She was originally born in Texas, so our cold winters are not the idea of fun for her.

We also have two miniature horses, Jax and Juan. Juan is a black and white miniature pinto. I met Juan at a pinto show a few years back and immediately fell in love with him. I told his owner if she ever considered selling him, I would like to be her first call. Well, that call came, and I bought Juan. We were able to get a 2 in 1 deal out of the transaction as well. Jax, his best friend is a blue roan miniature. Those two are inseparable and like to get into as many shenanigans as they can. They definitely make life interesting. Juan has competed at Champ Show the past few years in driving and loves all the attention on his daily walks. Josh and I also show him in Pinto shows, his favorite events are the in-hand jumping classes.

God Bless,

Alyssa Tjosaas

2019-2020 WSCA Queen