Queen’s Message

2021-2022 WSCA Queen & Ms. Congeniality Emily Berger

November/December 2021 Queen’s Message 

2021-2022 WSCA Royalty Court pictured from left to right: Ms. Horsemanship, Sara Schwartz, WSCA Queen and Ms. Congeniality, Emily Berger, WSCA Princess, Ashley Zutz, Ms. Games, Izabella Witucki.

Hey everybody!

I hope you all have been staying warm and safe as the Minnesota winter kicks into high gear these next few weeks! These last couple months representing WSCA as our Queen and Ms. Congeniality has been nothing short of amazing! I have loved chatting and meeting all of you, as well as making connections to so many of you through our love of horses!

The court and I have been staying very busy between attending events and scheduling out our upcoming year. We have enjoyed seeing you at saddle club banquets, the horse crazy market, and of course in Vegas!! Ashley (princess) and myself had a great time in Vegas and watching the NFR live!

We cannot wait to come see more of you at our upcoming events but we are especially excited for our royalty fundraiser horse show! It will be held at JRD Ranch (Arlington, MN) on Sunday, June 19th. As some of you know, my own saddle club Jus’ Kiddin’ Around typically hosted a “Mother’s Day” horse show, and we only found it fit that we host our royalty horse show on Father’s day! There will be many more details to come, so be sure to keep an eye out! I will attach a schedule with some of the court’s upcoming events, as well as important dates to keep in mind! The court loves attending events and banquets, so be sure to continue to reach out and invite us!

I’d also like to start a little section in my monthly “Queen’s Message” where I can write my answer to any questions that I have been asked in the previous month. I’ve found that some of these questions that I get asked can be useful for someone curious about not only the royalty contest but also about WSCA as a whole. I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season, and a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

God Bless,

Emily Berger

2021-2022 WSCA Queen & Ms. Congeniality