Queen’s Message

2019-2020 WSCA Queen Alyssa Tjosaas

February 2020 Queen’s Message 

2019-2020 WSCA Queen Alyssa Tjosaas

Happy February Everyone!

I hope you all have been keeping warm with these cold temperatures and your ponies have been too. I know I’m thankful for the fluffy coats our horses and ponies can put on to protect them against these harsh temperatures. I also hope you have a great Valentine’s day with all your loved ones!

The court and I had a busy way to start our February. We were able to be in the Vulcan Victory Torchlight Parade as a part of the Winter Carnival in St. Paul, MN. It was fun to see all the lights of the parade and the fireworks afterwards were incredible. A big thank you to former WSCA Queen 2016-17, Julia Northwick, for transporting us in the parade.

We also had the opportunity to be present during Arena Trailer Sales annual sale in Cannon Falls, MN. Mark at Arena is so generous to donate the use of a brand-new trailer every year to the reigning queen of WSCA. It was fun to greet people and promote our association as well.

We’ve also had a blast still attending a lot of saddle club banquets. The court and I love meeting new people and help celebrating everyone’s accomplishments. It’s also fun for the court since we all live so far apart, we get to spend more time together. Fun fact if some of you didn’t know: the court and I live in almost 5 different states (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Upper Peninsula of Michigan, South Dakota (during the school year), and North Dakota (about 20 miles from the border).

With these cold months I like to make sure I get all my tack cleaned and see if there is anything that I need and maybe don’t need anymore. The WSCA spotlight and the “On Deck” portion on the WSCA website is nice to see if there are any tack swaps near you. Lots of saddle clubs put them on and are a nice way to sell items or find items you may need. Until next time, stay warm everyone and have a great month!

God Bless,

Alyssa Tjosaas

2019-2020 WSCA Queen