Queen’s Message

2017-2018 WSCA Ms. Congeniality and WSCA Queen Kirstin Sudbeck

January 2018 Queen’s Message 

2017-2018 Royal Court participating in the Stick Horse Classes at the Horse Crazy Market. Pictured from left to right: McKayla McElwaine, Taylor Delamater, Stephanie Falkers, and Kirstin Sudbeck.

Hey everyone,

I hope everyone’s year has been going great but if it’s been anything like mine and the royal court’s has been, its been extremely busy! We all have been having a blast getting to go to different events and help out. This past weekend (the 1st through the 3rd) we were at the Mall of America on Friday where we rang bells for the Salvation Army! It was a great experience and we went a ton of people who were interested in what WSCA was. On Saturday and Sunday, we were at the Horse Crazy Market at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, where we had a booth set up. We even were in the Stick Horse Classes:  Discipline Versatility Class, Barrel Racing, and Most Authentic Show Horse! This was something none of us had done and we had a blast! It was really exciting to be at this event

because there were so many horse and dog enthusiasts that we got to meet and so many vendors to go to along with live music from amazing artists! When Sunday came around I not only got to be at the Horse Crazy Market for a couple of hours, but I was also able to go to the Rambling Riders’ Saddle Club, which is the club I’m from, and talk about what the WSCA Royalty Contest entails and hand out awards! I hope everyone has a fantastic rest of the year and I again would just like to thank everyone who has made this experience possible!

God bless,
2017-2018 WSCA Ms. Congeniality and WSCA Queen
Kirstin Sudbeck