Queen’s Message

2018-2019 WSCA Queen Heidi Lund

May 2019 Queen’s Message 

2018-2019 WSCA Queen Heidi Lund with her two horses, Casey(left) and Kid(right)

These past few months have flown by! Thank you to everyone who attended our Royalty Clinic. We are excited for the girls who are planning to run for the Royalty Contest. It is an experience of a life time and I know each of you will love it! If you were not able to attend don’t worry you are still eligible to enter the contest and we would love to have you!

This month I am honored to be featured on the cover of the spotlight. It still seems surreal to me that I have been blessed with this title. So this month I would like to share a little bit about my decision to run for the contest and my journey.

In 2016, I ran for the WSCA Royalty contest and thank my lucky stars to have been crowned WSCA’s 2016-2017 Ms. Congeniality. My horse and I had a rough go the few weeks leading up to the contest with a blown abscess. Thankfully he was cleared by the vet just 3 days before the riding portion. We did not perform like I knew we could so I was over the moon when the girls voted me for the congeniality title. I absolutely adored my time on the court. When I crowned the 2017-2018 Ms. Congeniality, I left the arena excited for the new court, but also feeling like I still was missing something since I knew I hadn’t been able to leave my best in the arena the year prior. The desire to run again was back.

Leading up to the contest deadline I was so nervous. I was scared that I wouldn’t get a spot on the court. I was nervous that my horse would get hurt once again. What I realized though was that I would be more upset about having not trying then not getting a title. So I took the leap. Since I did not grow up with horses I knew I had to work harder than I ever had before. That summer became full of lessons, wet saddle pads, and shows. It was one of the best summers of my life.

When the contest rolled around I told myself I would leave nothing behind. My father had just passed away so I dedicated each portion of the contest to him. I was thrilled with the banquet portion and my rides and hoped for the best. Come coronation night I entered the arena head held high knowing this time I had put my best foot forward. I cried when my name was called. I cried because I had proven to myself that hard work and dedication pays off. I cried because I now had the chance to share with others what WSCA meant to me.

If I could leave one piece of advice to others it would be not to let fear of falling keep you from the joy of flying!

Thanks for letting me share my story and represent WSCA this year as your Queen!

Until next time!
Heidi Lund
2018-2019 WSCA Queen